Personal Design, Custom–Made.
Liveable Spaces for the Real World

Open the door to beautiful, comfy rooms filled with thoughtful accents and personal touches. Feel at ease in spaces that feel finished yet fresh. Find the zen in a home that smartly balances high-hat design with real life functionality.

Your colorful character, favorite things, and the way you spend your time — these are the building blocks for spectacular spaces.

Most people crave an aesthetic that is effortlessly chic, not overdone. One that strikes a magical balance between function, form, and good ol’ fun. It’s your home after all – why not fill it with things that bring you joy? There’s nothing more timeless than being yourself – your space’s design should reflect that.

Safferstone believes home is where you want to be. We craft a design based on you and your crew with an approach that’s never hoity-toity and always on your level.

Here are some of our favorite things: refined fabrics, compelling color palettes, tailored layouts and unorthodox seating arrangements, thoughtful built-ins and flexible anchor pieces. We lap up all things vintage or antique and occasionally splurge on handmade treasures. Our motto is “buy better, buy less” – focus your design dollars in key areas that are important to you – you’ll always come out ahead.

We interpret your story and build a plan with you at the center. Your space should always reflect you and communicate your definition of home.

Not sure quite how to tell that story? That’s our job.

About Heather Safferstone

I love the way I feel in a beautiful space, especially one that reflects me. I aim to create that same feeling for others in their own homes. You could say that interior design is more of a calling than a career.

I pride myself on designing for real life, whatever that looks like. 

Our interiors are rooted in the practical, functional needs of our clients and their families. They have kids, pets, cocktail hours, unplanned dance parties – “do not touch” does not apply. Besides, who wants to live in a museum?

I’ve done my job when my clients’ homes are their favorite places to be: where the best memories are made and the happiest feelings are felt.

My aesthetic can be defined as that unique space where classic lines meet modern life.

I employ a healthy mix of styles, from high-end to real steals, new, old and everything in between. I see the beauty in the mash-up: a knick or scratch reflects life lived and hints at a rich history. I layer lush textiles with unique patterns, then add well-made furnishings and doses of fresh color. A room by Safferstone is the cool kid on the playground – natural, inviting, and totally chic.

Come on in!

Enjoy the journey with me along the way, or just pop in to say hi. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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