Deeply Personal Interiors That Tell Your Story

Rooms that deliver WOW aren’t a happy accident. They are a mirror of your own style, they are spaces that feel “done,” they are rooms that come alive. They are a result of a proven methodology, processes, systems, and best practices. Like any great partnership, the magic of interior design is in good planning. When your home is the place you want to be, it feels cohesive, intentional, and pulled together. It’s potential, realized. See for yourself.

List of Services

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The Whole Nine Yards (of fabric)

Full-service design projects from top to tiles

Need a one-stop-shop for interior design? This is the package for you – whether you’re looking to style one room or your entire house. We collaborate on wall colors, furniture, window treatments and accessories to create a space that is uniquely you. But we don’t just hand you the plan and say “go” – we handle the rest of the project, from demo day to the big reveal. You collaborate on the fun parts with us and then all you have to do is relax while we bring it all home (literally). Prices are based on size, from tiny nooks to grand ballrooms, and everything in between.

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Pinterest PLUS

Your boots-on-the-ground, our know-how and experience.

You’re brimming with creativity and have a keen eye for design, but you need help making your ideas a reality. You need an industry bestie to show you the ropes. Easy! Our remote advisory service uses digital tools to create a custom plan for your space. Based on your style goals, square footage, and project budget, Safferstone’s Pinterest PLUS will send you comprehensive design plans, a digital concept board, and a giant list of resources. It’s your design world, we’re just helping you live (and thrive) in it.

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Construction & Renovation Advising

We’ll help you decide on the nuts and bolts (and cabinetry, and lighting fixtures…)

Why wait until you’re knee-deep in a new build, renovation, or restoration to make choices on the finished look and feel? What if your final options are limited because you didn’t take the time to make key design decisions before the first nail was hammered? Bring Safferstone to the table on Day 1, and kick the stress of last-minute decision making and product-sourcing to the curb… or at least the baseboard. From the perfect drawer pulls to new and different countertops, take the guesswork out of your design decisions.

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Design Dialogue

Chew the felt with Heather one-on-one. Write stuff down.

Ever wish you could mind-meld with an accomplished interior designer? Dying to know what a professional would do if they could get their hands on your blank canvas? Each of our Design Dialogues gives you 90-minutes with Heather Safferstone. Get her thoughts on throw pillows, her preferences for paint, and her musings on molding. Brainstorm creative ways to make more out of your master, beautify your bath, and kickass your kitchen. Just don’t hold us responsible for the resulting Houzz binges!

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